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This Is Me

Hello, everyone. My name is Yu Qiuchen. I am 14 years old. I am a happy girl. I have short black hair and my eyes are black, too. I am not very tall. But I am slim. I was born in Shanghai and I live in Haimen now.
I am a student at Dongzhou Middle School. I love my new school. It is very big. I am in Class 1, Grade 7. I like my new class because there are lots of nice students.
I have many hobbies. I like singing. I love dancing. I enjoy reading. I often read storybooks at weekends. I like all my lessons, but I am not good at PE. I am good at all my other lessons though.
This is me, a cheerful girl. Please, remember me.

(0901班 郁秋晨 指导老师 龚海娟)

This Is Me

  Hello! My name is Jill. I’m thirteen years old. I am a lovely girl. I am a student at Dongzhou Middle School. I’m in Class 3, Grade 7. I love all my teachers and classmates because they are all nice to me.
  I love my new school, it is very big and clean. Our classroom is very bright. I am very happy at school. My favourite festival is Chinese New Year. Because I can watch the lion dance and get a lot of red packets. I can watch TV programmes after a big family dinner. I feel happy on that day.
  My hobbies are playing badminton and going skating. I play badminton very well in our class. I like English very much. I think it is very interesting to learn it. I dislike doing my homework and playing basketball. Homework is hard and I am not good at basketball and I’m not very tall.
  I have a lot of friends. They are very friendly. I always chat with my friends after class.
  This is me.

(0903班 王晶 指导老师 吴晓梅)

This Is Me

Hello! My name is Hu Jingyan. I am a fourteen-year-old girl. I was born and still live in Haimen. I was born in August. I am slim and tall with long black hair. I wear a pair of glasses.
My favourite lesson is English, because it is very interesting. I am good at English, too. I love reading. I go to the library once a week. I read many books there. I have lots of books in my study. I enjoy playing badminton. I often play it with my friends. It is good for my health. I also like listening to music and watching TV.
At weekends, I always do my homework first. Then I help my grandmother with housework. Sometimes I go shopping with my friends. I also buy some books from the bookshop. I am happy at weekends.
I study hard. I want to be a doctor when I grow up. I like my life because my life is wonderful. I have a lot of fun.

(0905班 胡静燕 指导老师 吴栋萍)

My Best Friend

Hello, everyone! My name is Shi Yixie. I am a student at Dongzhou Middle School. I am in Class 7, Grade 7. I have a lot of friends here.
  Lu Qiuyu is my best friend. We are the same age. Both of us were born in Haimen. She is as tall as me but she is fatter than me. She has dark eyes and she wears a pair of glasses.
  She is good at all her lessons and she likes them very much. She is funny. We often sit by the playground after class and we always chat with each other or play games. I like playing and learning with her. She is helpful.
  This is my best friend. Do you like her?

(0907班 施艺谐 指导老师 王菊香)

This Is Me

Hello! My name is Huang Yuxuan. I’m twelve years old. I am a girl. I am a student at Dongzhou Middle School. I’m in Class 8, Grade 7. I am slim and I have short, black hair. I have black eyes and I wear glasses.
I love listening to music and reading books. I often go to the bookshop to buy some books. Sometimes I go to the library and borrow a lot of books from there. I like playing table tennis. I won many prizes at Ping Pong games.
I enjoy all my lessons. I am good at English, because I think it is very interesting.

(0908班黄钰萱 指导老师 王晶晶)

A Letter

Dear Tommy,
  My name is Chen Bokun. I’m 12 years old. I study at Dongzhou Middle School. I’m in Class 2, Grade 7. My classmates and I have a lot of lessons every day. I like English best. Our English teacher is a nice young woman and I think she teaches us very well.
  There are three people in my family. My father is 40 years old. He is a bus driver. My mother is 39 years old, she’s a nurse. They like watching TV in the evening but they don’t read newspapers. I don’t watch TV in the evening but I usually spend two hours on doing my homework. I like reading very much so I read a lot of books.
  Can you e-mail me soon? Tell me about your school.
Chen Bokun

(0909班 陈柏锟 指导老师 施静)

At Weekends

At weekends, I usually do my homework at home. There is lots of homework and they are hard for me. I should study hard. I like listening to music. My favourite song is “God is a girl”. It’s very beautiful. I like to enjoy the music at weekends.
My father often reads the newspaper, it is very interesting for him. He can read about news from all around the world. He also likes surfing the Internet to get some information on it as well. He is very happy.
My mother likes cooking. She can cook nice food. She always plants flowers at weekends.
We often watch TV in the evening. We all have wonderful weekends.

(0911班 管晴 指导老师 顾雅斌)

My School

  I am a student at Dongzhou Middle School. I love my new school, because it is very beautiful and large with lots of nice people in it.
  In my school, there are many flowers and trees. The flowers are lovely. The trees are tall. There are some bees and butterflies. There is a lake behind the building. There are some goldfish in the lake.
  My teachers are helpful and my classmates are polite. I like them very much. I always play with my classmates.
  My school day starts at seven every morning. We have four lessons in the morning, and then we have lunch. In the afternoon, we also have four lessons.
  I love my new school. I think it will become more and more beautiful.

(0913班 范莹迪 指导老师 陈亚娟)

This Is Me

Hello, everyone! My name is Xu Jialing. I’m fourteen years old. I was born and still live in Haimen. I am not very tall, I have black eyes and my hair is long. My hobby is listening to music. I often listen to CDs at the weekend. I love swimming, too. In summer, I go swimming with my friends twice a week. I am good at English and Chinese. They are interesting.
I have lots of friends at Dongzhou Middle School. In their eyes, I’m a polite and helpful girl. We often chat with each other. I like playing with them, too.

(0914班 徐佳玲 指导老师 盛春花)

My Holiday

  On my holiday, I must do my homework first. Then I will go to the moon for a trip. First, I will plant some flowers and trees on the moon. I will bring some animals from earth to the moon. For example, I will bring birds, rabbits, butterflies and so on. The moon will be very beautiful.
  The moon is very hot during the day. I can wear beautiful dresses. But in the evening it is so cold. I must wear a warm jacket. We can catch the stars and then make a necklace from them. I’m sure it will be very pretty.
  We can sit on the moon and look at other planets. I think they are very nice. Perhaps I can meet Chang’e. I can play with her and her rabbit. What a happy holiday!

(09 班 王诗蕾 指导老师 徐鑫艳)

The Lantern Festival

The Lantern Festival is a very important festival to us Chinese. It falls on the 15th day of the first moon. A few days before the festival, everyone in the family will help to make the house clean and beautiful. Lanterns will be hung in front of the house.
In the evening, there will be a big family dinner. People who work far away from their homes will try to come back for the family reunion. After dinner, people will light the lanterns which are usually red and round. Children will happily play with their own toy lanterns.
At night, the moon is usually round and bright. People can enjoy the moon while eating Yuanxiao which is the special food for this festival.
I like the Lantern Festival very much!

(0922班 顾丹妮 指导老师 黄灿琴)

I’m Growing Up Together With My Motherland

My motherland is a dragon of the west. She’s China. I’m a Chinese. I love my motherland---China.
China is very big. China is thriving. The forbidden city is very pretty and big. The Great Wall is very majestic and long. The length is 6050 km. It looks like a dragon. Dragon stands for Chinese, so all Chinese like dragon.
China is prosperous and strong. I believe China will be even stronger. We should work hard. The teacher often says to us with a smile, “You must study hard and serve our country when you grow up.” When we grow up, we should serve our country! We are ready to strive.
I’m growing up together with my motherland. I love China.

(0923班 姜涛 指导老师 季珉)

The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer

  Last week, I read an English book called The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.
  Tom was a naughty boy. He lived with Aunt Polly. Tom often had good ideas. For example, one day Aunt Polly asked him to paint a fence. Tom didn’t want to do it. So when his friends came to see him, he told them he loved this job and his friends all began to get very interested in painting the fence. By the afternoon Tom had three balls, an old knife, a cat with one eye, an old blue bottle, and a lot of other exciting things. And the fence---all thirty meters of it---was a beautiful white fence.
  Tom was also a clever boy. One day, Tom and his friends had a picnic by the river. All the mothers and fathers stayed at home. After the picnic, the children took out the candles, and ran up the hill to McDougal’s cave. The children walked and ran through the cave, up and down the tunnels, in and out of the rooms. Tom and his friend Becky went down a new tunnel. But they were lost. Suddenly Tom had an idea. He went down some of the small tunnels and got back to Becky with the string. At last, Tom found a river. He went back and got Becky, and they climbed out through the hole. Then they stopped a boat on the river and went home.
  One night, Tom went to the graveyard to play. But Aunt Polly didn’t know it. Suddenly, Tom saw three men in front of him. They were Injun Joe, Muff Potter and Doctor Robinson. They didn’t see him. They fought with each other and Injun Joe killed Doctor Robinson. Tom was afraid. At last, Tom helped policemen found Injun Joe. How brave Tom was! If he didn’t help policemen catch Injun Joe, he couldn’t be a hero. Tom succeeded because he had courage. I want to learn from Tom.
  Tom was a good boy. All his friends liked him. I like him, too.

(0927班 黄天伦 指导老师 王咏梅)

Our New School

  I’m a student at Haimen Dongzhou Middle School. I love my new school. It’s big and beautiful. I’m in Class 27, Grade 7. I like my classroom, because it’s very big and clean.
  There are lots of nice people in my class. Yu Siqi is my new classmate. We always chat with each other. We often sit together at lunchtime. All my friends and new classmates are nice to me. I love them very much.
  Our school day starts at 6.30 a.m. every morning. We have morning reading first. Our lessons begin at seven every morning. After two classes, we do morning exercise. It’s great fun. It’s good for us.
  I like English very much. I’m in the English Club. Our club teacher is Miss Wang. She is funny, helpful, kind and friendly. We all like her very much. We always have a good time at our school.
  Welcome to our school.

(0927班 沈泓妤 指导老师 陈红)

Do More Exercises Is Good For Our Health

  Do you know doing more exercise is good for your health? Some people don’t like sports. They don’t have a good health. For example, Mike is a boy. He doesn’t like sports. He always stays at home and eats and drinks a lot. He is fat and always goes to the hospital. Some people like sports and they often do some exercise. They have a good health. Doing more exercise is good for our health. Please do it.

(0929班 张思远 指导老师 唐志强)


There are many kinds of animals in the world: dogs, cats, lions, tigers and so on. Among them, I like dogs best. Dogs are very friendly. Last year, I had a little dog. It was very funny. I call it Bobo. It had big eyes, a small nose and a very short tail. Bobo liked running in the park. When it was hungry and wanted to get food from me, it would come to the kitchen. It was so lovely!
  When I was going to school, it ran to the door and saw me off. When I came back to my home, it ran to the door to meet me. It was so clever! I love it very much.

(0930班 顾嘉怡 指导老师 周磊)

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